About My Blawg

Making the Law Byte-Sized
As someone with a joint JD/MBA and a solo practitioner my perspective toward the law is through the eyes of a lawyer who is also a small business owner.  I am keenly aware of the pressures that a small business owner faces legally and financially. How do you make sense of it all?

If you are reading this blawg as a lawyer, business owner, or some one just interested in a bit of information you should know that I am a fan of Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures (you can check it out on Amazon.com). I have always found visually learning most helpful when dealing with abstract ideas, especially the law.  Several of my educational posts will be done using my ipad sketch app to reduce legal concepts in easily understood drawings that people can readily grasp.

The Topics:

  • Draw the Law – focuses on small business law principles, which are explained through the help of sketches and doodles done by me.
  • Law in the Brief – is a series of posts talking about new laws enacted by the Hawaii State government.
  • Social Media and the Law – is special series of posts that looks into how the law deals with this new platform that has given society a new way to communicate and interact.
  • Hawaii Access to Justice – I am active in helping people access the legal system, either through volunteering, affordability of my services, or education – so I post write-ups of relevant events;
  • Leadership – I am fascinated at how business, law, and politics interact with each other, and as a fellow the 2011 Hawaii State Bar Association’s Leadership Institute I will post write-ups of my seminars discussing what Hawaii’s influential people have to say on the topic of leadership.
  • COMING SOON – Boilerplate Blurb – these posts will focus on those clauses in agreements that you see time and again, and explain to you why contracts attorneys like to put them in.

Using E-Technologies to be Affordable and Accessible

This also brings me to another point, while technology can be very overwhelming with a little thought many of the digital tools at our disposal helps us reduce costs, compete more effectively, and reach new markets.  This does not only apply to everyday businesses selling products and services, but to the practice of law as well.

Thank you for reading. – RKH