My Philosophy and Practice

Why Start a Solo Practice Aimed Toward Small Businesses in Hawaii?

I opened a solo practice firm in the State of Hawaii geared toward helping out other small businesses because I wanted to put myself in the shoes of my clients. Imagine. You are starting out, you have tons of questions, and are being in a dozen directions.

You are on your own, but you need a trusted adviser and resource to guide you through the craziness. Fortunately, for me I had friends and experiences in the academic and professional world to give me a helping hand. I just wanted to provide that to others, and in particular Hawaii because many people view this place as unfriendly toward business.

But wait a minute, how can that be?! We are the Aloha State, we are the State that says “Aloha” to arrivals and we say “thanks” or “mahalo” to our aunties and uncles. It should say something that we patronize the same mom-and-pop restaurants since we were kids and love our crack seed stores. However, among these traditions we have welcomed new ways of doing business as friends and family try to make their dreams come true here in the islands.

I think that here in Hawaii you definitely can achieve that balance and quality of life that so many people in other States seek.

What do I for Small Businesses

With that being said, all legal businesses operate under the scrutiny of their customers, lenders, employees, partners and affiliates and especially, the government. Just as you manage your own expectations when setting a budget and forecasting revenue and trying to make it into the black every quarter you have all these relationships, connections, with others.

The law certainly defines how you deal with them. Therefore, to achieve the your objective in managing your relationships you need someone that understands your position and can help manage all these expectations. You need a transactional and compliance attorney that will focus on navigating you through chaotic waters to help you reach where you are going.

As a transactional attorney focused on drafting agreements that define relationships my goal is to give you the tools to stay out of court or if things should get to that point the damages are less severe than what they could have been without an attorney from the start.

Thanks for reading about philosophy and my work, and hope to see you around. – RKH


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