Getting in Touch With Me

Where is My Office?  Where Can You Find Me?

My office is everywhere.  I can be found working at home, a coffee shop, or out of your office.  As a believer in the use of technology and social media for communication I have also applied that to my workspace.  From Downtown to North Shore, I will go to where my clients need me.


I am highly mobile and will meet you where you want me to in an effort to accommodate and service fellow owner-operators who cannot necessarily leave their store or office for a trip to Downtown Honolulu.  If you want to meet at a coffee shop, your office, or want me to reserve a conference room at the Hawaii State Bar Association I will meet your needs.  If you are on the Neighbor Islands, we can always arrange for an online meeting through Skype or Facetime before I have to fly to you.

Contact me today to schedule a meeting.

A Word on Cofficing

From time to time I work out of coffee shops and the like around downtown Honolulu. This is known as the “cofficing” (combining “coffee” and “office”). Why do I do it? As a solo practitioner, like many small business owners, I am largely responsible for my marketing and operations, and not just the legal services. Therefore, to get the creative juices flowing I use my coffice network to work on things like my blog, office forms, and other non-client related work.

However, the coffice is a friendly and open environment and is not like a traditional law firm. So if you see me cofficing feel free to stop on by to chat about legal information, set up a meeting, or join the coffice group.

Follow my Twitter @RKHewesq to find out if I am cofficing in a location near you. For more information on cofficing check out this Hawaii IRL video.

Connecting with Me

One of the most effective ways of getting in touch with me is to simply e-mail me.  I check my e-mail regularly, and will respond usually within a day or two (unless I am out of town).  I find it one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients.  I utilize Skype and as user of a MacBook Pro and iPhone I would also be happy to use Facetime. In addition, feel free to connect with me through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.